Unleash the power within the root

About turmeric

Turmeric was founded to bring businesses and people the insights, strategies, and skills they need to translate their goals to life.

Our outcomes are consistently high-quality – testament to the power of an approach that’s as vibrant as the root that inspired our name.

“In my experience, norms, working practices and assumptions can be easily reframed when you start to work with an organisation,” says Samreen McGregor, our Founder. “We bring a fresh perspective that’s focused on the kernel of the problem, not the symptoms, then blend technical understanding with behavioural expertise to trigger lasting change.”

The result is an insightful, often challenging approach that digs down into the root causes of what holds people and organisations from fulfilling their real potential.

“Getting desired outcomes early is the easy bit,” adds Samreen. “What really matters is making change for the long-term development and growth for both organisations and people alike. That means delving down to find the real heart of an issue, then affecting people’s mind-set, tools, behaviours, and skills so they can flourish.”

As a result, you get practical ways to embrace peaks and troughs, tackle obstacles differently, and reach unprecedented new heights.


Our experience comes from working with some great organisations
across all industry and service sectors over the years.

Why Turmeric?

Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful medicines – and, like us, it’s partly curative and partly preventative. It’s detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, helping with everything from physical ailments to severe illness and emotional challenges.

Turmeric is a vibrant, warm spice that harmonises flavours without overpowering what’s already there. Like us, it elevates and unlocks potential – complementing existing attributes and making them even more successful.

Turmeric also reflects our identity. Turmeric is uniquely valued in all corners of the world for its diversity. Our background is cross-cultural too, binding influences and heritage from Venezuelan, English, American, African and Indian cultures.

Finally, turmeric reflects the way we work. We unleash benefits that find the internal catalyst within organisations and people.

Like turmeric, we know the real power lies within the root. We uncover and address your core causes, not just the symptoms. And it’s this focus on the root that makes a striking flower possible.

Meet the team
Samreen McGregor

Samreen McGregor

BA, MSc, PgDip

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Samreen has a unique ability to create the conditions leaders need to stretch beyond their existing capabilities. With experience and expertise that crosses business context, management science, and behavioural psychology, she’s described by her clients as rigorously expanding their rational, emotional, and intuitive capacity – creating improvements that really last.

Samreen is half Venezuelan and half Indian, bilingual in English and Spanish, and has worked on three continents.


Sarah Ives

MBA, RGN, Dip Coaching

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Sarah uses her considerable experience in the public and private sector to help clients define their sense of self within the business environment. She brings the advantage of two decades’ experience working with senior personnel to understand, implement, and sustain change – for individuals, teams, and organisations alike.

Her approach is challenging, passionate, and uniquely balanced between hard and soft skills.


Alex Kasozi

Executive Coach
MBA, RGN, Dip Coaching

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Alex specialises in supporting people with transitions between roles and managerial positions. This often involves combining psychometrics and a personal focus with an awareness of the wider organisational setting, avoiding the pitfall of individual development in isolation.

It’s an approach that’s at once intuitive and highly pragmatic.


Shayne Smith

Administration and Liaison

Shayne provides a structured point of contact for Turmeric, bringing her organisational skills and programme management insight to our clients. These skills have been developed in roles from event management to administration, in a career that has included event management for leading supermarkets in Australia, recruitment, client relationship management and business development. Shayne combines a unique attention to detail with effortless communication and is passionate about learning and building relationships.


Glenda Marchant

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During her 25+ years in media, Glenda put people at the centre of her working life. As a consequence, the teams she led, have built innovative brands such as Stylist magazine, and individuals have flourished professionally as well as personally.

Glenda understands how the business world really works, she’s promoted people, fired people, managed-up and managed down making plenty of mistakes along the way. It’s this depth of hands-on management experience that she now brings to coaching and facilitation.

Jamie Cornforth

Jamie Cornforth

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Jamie uses his broad and diverse experience working across a number of consumer product businesses to provide strategic guidance and practical consideration to business problems. He has a track record of leading profitable growth and building brand equity for global businesses across a variety of industry sectors.

Jamie brings a deep functional expertise in Marketing and has a passion for empowering teams to address strategic challenges in a way that is collaborative and that leverages diverse capabilities and approaches. His work provides simultaneous impact on peoples’ motivation and the commercial results achieved by the business.

Let’s talk about your organisation and the people that bring your goals to life.