Catalyse teams

A team might be tasked to work together, but that doesn’t mean it just works.

It takes effectual communication, strong leadership, and a collective understanding of the team’s purpose. Not to mention careful management of the complex dynamics that exist between people with different needs, ambitions and capabilities.

Turmeric brings together strategic, operational and behavioural aspects, so you can crystalise and enthuse your teams – and inspire team members to do what it takes to generate results and generate enjoyable employee experience.

We’ll make focussed interventions to group dynamics and bring about more purposeful collaboration. This enables individuals to slow down or pause, reframe, act, and accelerate delivery in a constructive relationship with their peers.

A bespoke approach built around

Business Context

What are the technical goals associated with different business functions? How do these goals relate to those of other functional areas and the wider organisational strategy? In a more uncertain marketplace, where pressures are brought upon by diversifying customer expectations, uncertain economic-socio-political pressures, a more fluid eco-system.

We’re passionate and interested in the business content we deal with. That’s the foundation of understanding your shared goals in their appropriate context and identifying what makes them viable.

Management Science

How shared understanding of a destination, key challenges and opportunities and requirements strengthen the how your team achieves shared goals? How can they be articulated in ways that build participation and ownership, and that drive interdependent outcomes.

We’ll support you with relevant management approaches to explore, verbalise and test your objectives as a team. We’ll also help you create conditions for success and sustainable implementation.

Behavioural Psychology

What is the interplay between individual and team or organisational goals? How can people shift their thinking towards shared objectives? How might difference, diversity and bias play a part in the effectiveness and failure of a team?

We’ll work closely with individuals in a collective setting to help the team understand and harness differences in perspectives, motivations, needs and contributions.

Embodied Consciousness

How do the life stories of people who make up a team influence their behaviours and interactions? What gets triggered in a team context and why? How do toxic dynamics affect the mental health of team members?

Our interventions provide a constructive and safe space to work through difficult relationship dynamics, so leaders can grow into a role with greater responsibility whilst traversing complex factors and develop emotionally agile skills that balance progress with efficacy and wellbeing.

Client case study

Propelling a new team with a forming purpose

A diverse department bringing together people from several different business functions was created to establish a retail presence in a product-oriented business. Turmeric was engaged to coach the leader of this function in forming and developing the team. Desired outcomes of this support included building relationships between team members and bringing together a group of different specialisms to explore the role of retail and create a strategy.

Very different team members came with their own unique perspectives, strengths and developmental needs. One was equipped with outstanding knowledge, but lacked the confidence to communicate or be a leader in his own technical field. Another was stepping into new seniority, but had yet to earn the confidence of her peers in this role.

One was very self-assured and needed more outward humility and relationship management skill. Another one hired from a retail business, with significant experience, had far too much self-doubt and concern about how to influence around the value of retail as a channel in given the business model.

Turmeric helped by:

  • Considering the unique nature of this cross-functional team
  • Creating a controlled environment where people could talk safely about the difficulties of establishing something different in the business
  • Using psychometrics to improve personal understanding of peers and the team’s leader who, at best, was appreciated for his passion. At worst, the leader was experienced as fairly dominant
  • Establishing a common purpose that drew on each individual’s functional contributions and the insights they generated as a team

Crucially, this process was highly tailored to the client’s needs and culture, with every intervention grounded in ways that were important to the evolving strategy of the business.

As a result, the team could work with a better understanding of each member, significantly enhancing the credibility, influence and reputation of the team and its members. This enabled the team to effectively demonstrate the role of retail in the short and longer term.

“I’ve worked with some really good strategic people and I’ve worked with some really good coaches, I’m not sure that I’ve worked with anyone that has managed to balance the two so well. She is better than anyone I’ve ever worked with at linking your personal needs with a mindfulness of your delivery.” Multi-channel Business Director, sports apparel business.

“Samreen has an innate ability to understand the problem, see it from different angles, explore different routes to resolution and empower teams to become more successful, more fulfilled and more effective.”

Abby Thomas
CEO and Chief Ombudsman, Financial Ombudsman Service

Let’s talk about your organisation and the people that bring your goals to life.