Transition management to leadership

It takes more than ambition or a job title to unlock true leadership potential.

New responsibilities, the wider impact of decisions, and a weight of expectation can be overwhelming. While personal goals, enthusiasm and a track record may be responsible for progression, these conditions aren’t enough to sustain credibility, performance and resilience in the face of emergent demands.

New leaders need to shift their perspective, evolve their skills, adapt their behaviours, and develop into a new version of themselves. This takes guidance that’s simply unavailable internally.

Turmeric brings people trusted, neutral support and provocation, as well as practical techniques to navigate this dramatic transition.

From establishing credibility to accelerating progress towards results, we’ll help you ensure your leaders are better equipped to understand and secure the needs of the organisation whilst satisfying their personal needs and deliberately considering their mental health.

A bespoke approach built around

Business Context

How does a senior leader fit into the wider organisational context? What impact do their decisions have?

We’ll help your leaders thrive in an increasingly senior role, understand the surrounding business landscape, and take personal accountability for their continuous improvement of your business.

Behavioural Psychology

How can changes in understanding lead to desirable changes in behaviour? How can interpersonal relationships become an instrument for business performance? How might less visible politics be skilfully traversed and managed?

We’ll help your leaders understand and contribute towards desirable team behaviours, enhance their resourcefulness and drive their own personal development as they become more senior.

Embodied Consciousness

How do the primal needs for affection, control and recognition manifest in leadership transitions? How do unexpected and uncomfortable dynamics brought on by the expectations of other stakeholders affect senior leaders?

Our interventions provide a constructive and safe space to work through difficult relationship dynamics, so leaders can grow into a role with greater responsibility whilst traversing complex factors and develop emotionally agile skills that balance progress with efficacy and wellbeing.

Client case study

Accelerating leadership capacity

When a Product Manager was given the opportunity to lead a team through an New Product Development initiative, Turmeric helped him to step up to a senior role. This transition took place in the absence of specific expectations by the business and a formal structure.

For three hours every fortnight over a period of six months, Turmeric helped this manager understand and leverage the business context in which he was working. This involved the transition from a product-led approach to centring around propositions, requiring a cross-functional way of working for a large and diverse team of people – from product and marketing through to sales and supply chain.

With a clearly defined context, Turmeric worked closely with the manager to develop his capacity as a leader, through:

  • Analysing the current reality and forming a team
  • Introducing behavioural techniques that would complement his more rational leadership style and help him gain credibility and influence
  • Learning to express, test, and refine his strategy – and engage his team and sponsors to deliver success
  • Addressing key stumbling blocks, from political dynamics to conflicts between critical stakeholders across the value chain

Crucially, this process was highly tailored to the client’s needs and culture, with every intervention grounded in ways that were important to the evolving strategy of the business.

As a result of this process, this manager was able to pursue and progress more than once in seniority, and lead significant financial growth for the business in line with his personal ambition.

“I definitely wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t worked with Samreen. A lot of why I am where I am now is because of having that reflective time every few weeks with Samreen.” Product Manager, sports apparel business.

“Samreen’s approach is very person centric, tailored to individual needs. She is very engaging and quickly builds personal trust; as a result, people really open up and are able to be authentic and face unverbalised questions standing in their way of transitioning.”

Gill Smith
Senior Leader, Global Asset Management

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