We are all leaders of our own lives.

“Be it guiding your team, compelling your peers in the boardroom, influencing stakeholders, satisfying shareholders or traversing the peaks and troughs found in your journey of life, you are called upon to lead.”

When capability and capacity to show up and lead is influenced by the hidden effects of adversities and traumas life presents, this can have consequences. On effectiveness. On resourcefulness. On self-worth. On wellbeing. On relationships. For organisations.

Compromise is not the only option.

Leader Awakened, by Samreen McGregor

About this book

The world we live in confronts us with unavoidable challenges.

These experiences can – but do not need to – impede your ability to lead. Leader Awakened invites you to accept, embrace and work with difficult or traumatic events and experiences. It gives you the tools to use them as a powerful catalyst for change and enable learning, empowerment, agency and wellbeing.

Learn how to:

  • Become more acutely aware of the internal, external, personal, professional and organisational factors that affect you as a leader
  • Understand the impact of your life story on your thoughts, behaviour, values and actions
  • Discover fresh perspectives and explore new directions to see and do things differently
  • Enhance your ability to deal with and navigate uncertainty
  • Accept and face up to adversity and challenge and improve your wellbeing, relationships, agency, performance and sense of fulfilment

“I have written this book for anyone who is in or aspires to be in a leadership role. It looks at what it takes to integrate the personal and professional, the manageable and the unmanageable – and the healthy and unhealthy demands we make of ourselves or others make of us. I have woven my own story, as well as those of others, into the book – because one of the things I know more than anything is that we cannot separate who we are from how we lead.”

Samreen McGregor, Author of Leader Awakened

About the Author

Samreen McGregor is an executive coach who has worked globally with senior leaders and teams across industry sectors. With a unique ability to create the conditions leaders need to stretch beyond their existing capabilities, her interventions lie in a unique cross-section between business performance, behavioural change and embodied consciousness.

Samreen, who is half Venezuelan and half Indian, and bilingual in English and Spanish, inspires leaders, teams and organisations to embrace adversity as a catalyst for empowerment and wellbeing. She is described by her clients as rigorously expanding their rational, emotional, and intuitive capacity – creating improvements relevant to their current reality and that really last.

What’s inside?

Leader Awakened opened on a coffee table

Chapter 1 | Accepting Adversity
Chapter 2 | Finding Flow
Chapter 3 | Stuck in Self-Sacrifice
Chapter 4 | Integrating the Whole
Chapter 5 | Cultivating Connection
Chapter 6 | Seeing the System
Chapter 7 | Valuing Difference
Chapter 8 | Wielding Agency
Final Points
The Author

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